For a very long time, these two idols have dominated the comic world each pursuing their separate voyages. In earlier films, Superman, the lone-ranger works diligently, to keep the world safe. Not much teamwork can be found on him. Let’s just say he prefers working alone and the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie must have come as a surprise to many. Batman, on the other hand, is not that different from Superman, although he has at least tried to work with other superheroes such as Robin. Nonetheless, Robin is just Batman’s junior counterpart and only makes occasional appearances in the war against villains in Gotham City.

However, get me right, I am not implying that these two heroes haven’t worked together. As a matter of fact, if you can remember the primal ‘Justice League,’ Superman and Batman seemed to dominate the play here. Nevertheless, we can’t undermine the reality of some bit of superiority rivalry crawling up the sleeves of these two men. Perhaps the motivating factor behind creating the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. The director of this film, Zack Snyder, must have been aware of the anticipation people would have, for seeing these two men clash, which would, of course, translate into some decent sales of the film.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follows a rather byzantine storyline. After successfully eliminating General Zod, the ‘man of steel’ in a hard-hearted fight, Superman regains his heroic place. However, the destruction resulting from his fight with Zod in Metropolis makes his activities questionable. Batman is one of those people who think that Superman might be posing a dangerous threat to humanity, judging from his controversial destructiveness in his fight against Zod. Superman on the other hand also sees Batman as a threat too and even tries to soil Batman’s name through the Daily Planet magazine articles.


Bruce Wayne (Batman) discovers that LexCorp’s tycoon Lex Luthor is working together with Antoli Knyazev in a plot to revive General Zod. Luthor manages to manipulate Senator June Finch to permit him to import Kryptonite from the Indian Ocean. Luther plans to build an atrocious creature, the Doomsday, using Zod’s body, some kryptonite, and some supplements from Metahumans. In a bid to uncover all of Luther’s plans, Bruce avails himself in one of LexCorp’s parties, where he steals a flash drive containing all info on Luther’s plan. Unknown to him, his shadowy friend, Diana Prince, a Metahuman, is watching. She steals the drive from Bruce but later returns it after failing to decrypt it.


To get Superman and Batman out of his way, Luther begins by bombing a Congress hearing headed by Finch, which was discussing on the credibility of Superman as a hero in the city. The bombing makes it seem like Superman is behind it all (as if Superman did this to derail all efforts of questioning his actions in his previous encounter with Zod.) Finch gets killed in this attack and this translates to Superman running to a short exile. Luther also Kidnaps Martha Kent s as to trigger the animosity between Batman and Superman. Luther makes Superman fight Batman to death if he wants to save Martha. The kind of conspiracy presented in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will leave you engrossed into wanting to know what’s next. To cut the suspense for you, Superman unfortunately dies, while killing Doomsday and Luther is eventually arrested. Batman is now left at crossroads, wondering how to protect Gotham without Superman.


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