Probably Beyoncé’s evening was not that exciting when she surprisingly decided to publish her new cd entitled Beyoncé so to take advantage of the solo moment on iTunes. Without any kind of warning or promotion, without minimally mentioning it, standing perfectly in line with a new trend born and diffused during 2013: publishing one’s works unexpectedly so to make the “as long as people talk about it” a real motto and to create the longed chatter and hype that other artists are able to obtain only after months of marketing. Also, an unexpected publication means selling millions of copies in very little time and, most important, it means reaching up the most relevant top charts. Certainly Beyoncé, or someone for her, knows this very well, so well to have bought all the banners on iTunes, which anticipate the beginning of an un-heard enormous promotion.

Many are the hypothesis and the rumors around this new project that has been defined by the artist as a visual album. I see music. It is more of what I feel. When I am in connection with something I immediately see the images, which are linked to a feeling or an emotion, on my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams, my fantasies. They are all related with music.”

For most people it looks like one of the many genial moves signed Knowles, but actually, Ciara had already introduced the concept of visual album only a few months ago, the latter, though, published only 5/6 videos, whereas Beyoncé offered a project made of 14 audio tracks and 17 videos, hearable and visible (thanks to a few seconds preview) only on iTunes. 

Anyhow the destiny of this fifth studio album is not that clear: it seems that the production of the disc has begun today so to grant the distribution to stores a few days before Christmas, this obviously means grabbing all the Christmas shopping, fooling Britney, Gaga, Perry and Miley. It also seems that next week the American radios will be transmitting the first two singles, which are still top secret, so to broaden the range of possible fans: as a matter of fact one is in pure pop style, whereas the other is r’n’b/urban oriented.

This new Beyoncé is a very ambitious project, without the usual fineries used to climb the charts, the usual up tempos that leave space to mid tempos, slowjams, baby-making-song and ballad for a much more intimate, personal and original Beyoncé. The melodies become more r’n’b (Drunk In Love feat. Jay-Z), and at times you have the feeling of listening to a crooner version Beyoncé (Rocket), also thanks to the participation of Justin Timberlake to the production.  Shades of soul and jazz are caressed by her songs (Superpower feat. Jay-Z); obviously the usual tracks full of fierceness are not missing (Flawless feat. Chimamamnda Ngozi Adiche) nor the touching ballads, mainly concentrated in this new project (Heaven o Blue feat. Blue Ivy).

As a conclusion, Beyoncé has grown and she understood that once in a while it is actually convenient to take some time to ponder without being constraint into distressed beats dance floor oriented. As you may have noticed, already with her previous 4, music had changed and this Beyoncé goes on with the way she undertook two years ago with great productions (Hit_boy, Timbaland to mention some) and a maniacal and obsessive care for details. Therefore we will stand and wait to see the destiny of this project: if it is an actual album or a trial teaser to test the musical direction that will be interpreted with the new official cd. 


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