Translation by – JULIA PERRY



The fact that Oceania has become the new talent scout for music became obvious when last year, a seventeen year old homely girl came out with a song large enough to take over global charts, Royals, and when this year, rapper Iggy Azalea succeeded in topping the American charts by occupying both first and second position simultaneously.

At this point, it isn’t surprising that once again, New Zealand will be the star in the second half of this year, at least musically speaking.

Caleb (21) and Georgia (19) Nott, in art: Broods, are preparing for their global takeover with their sound, that mixes pop, indie, and electronica, thanks to Caleb’s many talents (he plays any and every type of instrument as well as sings background vocals) added to the warm and comforting voice of the young Georgia.

Artistically born in 2013, they already have well-known names amongst their producers such as Joel Little, known to have produced the hit Royals; and in their style, they also have very evident traces of alternative beats similar to those of the young New Zealander, because honestly, the Broods seem the Hurts sung by Lorde. The result is convincing, just like their debut EP, Broods, that came out this past January 30th.

Georgia, though, makes it a point to state that in order to get to where they are now, various songs were written that included many different styles varying from punk to R&B and that the creative process is what brought them to concentrate on an electro-indie-pop that meshed it all together: synth (Bridges), hypnotic beats (Never Gonna Change), and traditional folktronica influences (Taking You There), of whom Ellie Goulding is the pioneer which is why she chose them as an opening act to her Australian concerts.

Additionally, in the near future, in the North American league, they will be a supporter in Sam Smith’s The Lonely Hour Tour as a precursor to the publishing of their debut album on August 22nd, Evergreen, of which their first single has already been presented, Mother & Father, as well as the track L.A.F. that’s available on their SoundCloud.

In the various live concerts they will be performing in around the world, not only will tracks be present from the EP, Broods, but new songs will be presented as well in order to create the right amount of hype around one of the new and revolutionary bands of 2014 that will definitely spillover and be point of discussion in the music scene in the following 2015.

Although following the same path that the young Lorde has taken, the Broods propose a new concept to alternative music, maybe a tad less conceptual (so a bit more pop) yet definitely more appealing. The transparency and authenticity of their texts rid their sound of the dark apparatus that surrounds it (even though delight is certainly not the focus of the band) by returning a fresh and crystal clear work.


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