Translated by LEANDRO BONAN



January 29, 2014

More than a simple concert, more than a show, more than an exhibition: yesterday, 28th January 2014, at the Assago Medionalum Forum, Michael Bublé allowed to each of the 11.500 spectators a romantic date. Everything starts with a hormonal Fever. Irresistible because of his charm and his Bond-like smoking, the always perfectly elegant showman, born in 1975, he managed to perfectly interpret extremely famous covers as well as the last songs, dancing in his glazed shoes, which allowed him to slip on stage like a real crooner.

His very words at the beginning of the show have been incredibly evocative: “I wanna be romantic this night, I really do. I wanna start like a date with you and we will start slowly and we will hold hands and we will talk and then maybe, just to start the date, a small “mhua” (kissing the microphone), and if it is good, at the end of the night we will be having DIRTY SEX. Let’s begin!”

And the night has been as promised: 24 very intense songs, each one in a different way, for a never tired Michael Bublé, even after more than two hours of uninterrupted exhibition.

Atmospheres have been at the beginning romantic and languidly slow, as anticipated, with songs like “Who’s lovin’ you” and the moving “Close your eyes”, from his last album “To be loved” (2013), on the tones which characterize the singer: swing, jazz and blues. An extremely elegant music, without mistakes, almost exclusively apt for a great orchestra (as the Team Bublè indeed is), but perfectly capable to entertain and amuse.

Very appreciated, and no surprise about that, the choice of some past songs of the artist, which had an enormous success, such as “Home” and “Everything”.


The mood has become brighter and brighter, in a crescendo of vibrating energy which prevented everyone from remaining seated. That was the turn of tracks such as “You make me feel so young” and “Haven’t met you yet”.

The stage accompanied the artist in every change of him, offering previously lounge-bar- and fairy-tale-like lights, turning progressively afterwards, raising both colours and intensity, into an astonishingly New York skyline.

Accompanied by the notes of “Get Lucky” by Daft Puck, the Canadian artist, after more or less ne hour, moved amongst the public to reach another stage, exactly situated on the opposite side of the former one. There he sang together with the “Natural 7”, a vocal group of seven American singers, who by the way opened the concert very well, thank to the peculiarity of their music, created only using their voices, which were able to imitate every instrument. Simply incredible for their a cappella style, called Vocal Play, with a masterly use of beat-boxing (click here if you want to listen to them:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STNhiBh3yvo ).

Following the general euphoria, Bublè returned on the stage singing “All you need is love” by the Beatles, while thousands of white and red paper hearts fall everywhere, celebrating therefore the emotion to which the entire album is dedicated: Pure Love, as Bublé itself defined it.


The Canadian artist ended then with the “dirty sex” he has promised at the beginning, performing electric tracks which thrilled the audience, who danced with the singer until the very end: how could someone refuse Bublé’s invitation “Come dance with me”?

He had assured us a romantic date, he had told to have kept an energy reserve from the previous concert, that he would have spread out during the second round, but he not only satisfied expectations: he went incredibly far beyond them.

Micheal Bublé’s greatness has been proved also by his capacity to render honour to the myths of the traditional music: the highest points of the concert have been seen during the interpretations of “Try a little tenderness” by Frank Sinatra and “Feeling good” by Anthony Newley e Leslie Bricusse (mostly known for the great cover made by Nina Simone).

Michael amused the public, kissed the stage that hosted him: “I wouldn’t be born without Italy” he declared, recalling his Italian origins.


But he paid back his debit, offering much more than a spectacle: he focused the whole night on the theme of love, in many of his shades, giving everyone the impression to be the protagonist of the show. The very closeness with the public made the performance even stronger, and he even sang “Happy Birthday” to a girl who was celebrating her 21st birthday that day.

The highest peak, though, was the final gift Michael gave to us: he sang without microphone, in an overcrowded stadium, which was completely silent, with a perfect technique, showing his professionalism and ability to use the instrument Nature gave him: the Voice. Such a magic conquered everyone’s heart.

Unique moments, that only a live concert can give and that neither DVDs nor videos could ever reproduce.



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