Men who hate women (Män som hatar kvinnor) by Stieg Larsson

Barely five feet tall, and but for several tattoos and piercings, Lisabeth Salander could easily be mistaken for a little girl. Salander is a peculiar and unsociable young woman, lacking in diplomacy but sufficient contemptous silence. The kind of girl your mother would dread you to bring home or, which we later find, the kind of girl who could make the perfect scapegoat.

Salander can be defined as the absolute antithesis of Mikael Blomkvist. But, as the saying goes: opposites attract.

And that they do when confronted with a the disappearance of Harriet Vanger, favorite niece of the esteemed Henrik Vanger, a known Swedish industrialist.

The combination of these two brilliant and different minds is what can finally put this mystery to rest.

As a result of two distinct ways of thinking, seeing and living Salander and Blomkvist are able to the circle around the will close.

Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson

In Men Who Hate Women, everything revolves around the need of the protagonist, Blomkvist, to redeem himself and clear his name. He wants to prove that mistakes made do not always suggest criminal intentions.

The good and the evil are not clearly defined or necessarily two sides of the same coin: sometimes good implies that someone should suffer; as Salander does on several occasions. Salander’s sufferings underlines that you should always watch your back, never underestimate anyone or allow them obscure you via their reputation. The bad guys are able to take any form in order to pursue their goals with meticulous sadism.

If you decide to purchase this book, I would advise you to buy pen and paper to take notes of a couple of names and family events, because there is nothing in this world that is more complicated than families – after love, of course.

This novel takes the reader on a journey in understanding why and how an economic journalist and an unusual twenty year old computer hacker can solve a case left unresolved for over forty years.

Such a dark and rather confusing story that it can almost appear real.


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