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Colors, soft brush strokes and the infinity, hidden behind every single painting by Delawer Omar, a child who grew up with art and alongside it became an adult. Now he lives in Switzerland and his art has a great success, considering the strong engagement of the public on the social networks. Delawer Art takes shape from the desire to express feelings through art, one of the most sublime methods of self-expression. Being successful in what you love, is equivalent to life itself, and it’s possible only i when the emotions being conveyed are ultimately received by others.

Delawer Omar was able to do this, and in his interview with Revolart, tells us a bit about himself.

I would begin the interview talking about you. You were born in Syria, but you live in Switzerland now. How did you come to Losanna?

I was born in Damascus, in Syria, from Kurdish origin. I went out of Syria with my family, because of politics issues that the family had. Then, we arrived in Switzerland, where I am living since more than a decade.


When did your artistic career begin and in which moment did you understand that it would be the job of your life (if it is so)?

Drawing has always been a part of my life. I can’t really tell you when I started painting, it has grown up with me.

Your art can be define as “digital art” or “drawing and painting”. How do you like to identify it? Do you take inspiration from artists of the past?

I always like trying all kind of Art and always want to create something new in this field, as drawing, painting with oil / acrylic , collages. Until I have discovered that we can also use the new art generation, using new programs of art, (as “wacoms” etc.) and I have tried it also.

Sometimes I mix with classical way of art, but it is hard for me to define my self and my art.


Art usually reflects who the artist is, what he thinks and how he feels. While you are painting, do you follow the inspiration of that specific moment or paint an ideal image you have in mind?

The  essential in art is not the technic for me. It is more about the message that I want to send to art lovers and to  each person, to make them understand what I want to express.

Painting for me is first of all a tool, through which I express my internal side about human issues and condition in this life. And this is why I focus more about human rights, a question that concerns all of us.


How much time does it take to complete a painting ? And on which detail you like to stop the most of your time?

There is no time in art world: a painting can be done in five minutes, as in five years… or it might never be finished!

You sell your paintings and you have many fans all over the world. According to you, what is the reason of your success? Did you ever expect it?

I think it is very early for me to say that I have succeed, because I believe that I’m still learning!

And I think that I still have a long way in front of me.

In Italy, many guys who want to became artists give up their dreams in order to get a more profitable job. What you suggest them to do?

I think you should never give up on something you like and on something you want to be.

Life is too short to not do what we want. You have to do what you love!


Could you tell us something about your Syria fundraising project?

All I can say about Syria is that there are people there, who are fighting for freedom, against one of the most disgusting regime ever, and my fundraising project aims to help them.


Colours are something magical in your works. If you had to describe your artistic soul, which colour would you choose? Why?

Each colour for me is a world in its self. At the moment, I find myself in the world of red and black, maybe because of the quantities of blood, that has been flowed during the Syrian revolution of these last three years.

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My quote is: “Life is always a matter of waiting!”


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