Written by – Sara Pacioselli

Translated by – Giulia Cucari

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or just Adele for us fans, came back today with her latest and long waited single: Hello.

After the success gained thanks to her first album “19” and later with “21” – which has been nominated the most sold album of the century with its 4.7 billion copies – she then stated in 2012 while on her Grammy’s night, that she would have left the scene in order to take time for herself.

Indeed, the only thing we have known about her in the last years is that she had a baby. Her background is made of unhealed wounds because of her childhood, her relationship with her mother, and a suburban London, but when we look at her, we see a strong, yet often fragile woman who makes us feel intense emotions as soon as she grabs the microphone. She’s back despite the turning tables and the fact that she had drown rolling in the deep, even though she hasn’t find someone like you and had melt her heart to stone. Nothing has stopped her: after Take it allHe won’t goI’ll be waitingDon’t you remember, and Skyfall – only a few of her memorable songs – she is back on the scene more blazing and deep than ever. Her new album will be released on November 20 and its title is “25”, just like the years she was when she decided to create it – same thing she did with “19” and “21”, showing us her infinite consistency.

As she wrote some days ago preceding her album release, she has spent an entire life trying to be a grown-up, she has always desired to remember –but also to forget; she wanted to know a little more her grandmother and wished she didn’t ruined or destroyed all the beautiful things that happened to her because of fear or boredom. This album is born in order to find ourselves and rearrange all the pieces of the puzzle that we have lost during our life. A piece of heart here and there, a bit of kidney over there and some lung in the vicinity; truth is, we spend the majority of our life experiencing grieves, losses, abandonment, failure, feeling resentment, hate and rage against who loved and later rejected, praised and made fun of us – we have all blindly followed who we loved, senselessly. Eventually, here comes the time when we need to stop, rebuild and re-value ourselves, as in the meanwhile –without even noticing – we turned from an ugly bug into a butterfly.

“25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realising. And I’m sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

Hence, it does not matter if we have waited years for her: the shivers we are feeling on our skin listening to her new single totally appeased the urge of being touched thank to her deep, imperfect and scathing voice.

Hello” is a cathartic, slow, strong and dynamic song that makes your heart startle and forces you to think about a gone by, apparently finished love and that nostalgia that you cannot wash away despite the years. You pick up the receiver and all you want to say is “Hello, it’s me!”, because after all we’re still attached to that person we’ve loved with all our heart, body, mind and soul; just like a thin and delicate string that ties us forever, despite time and distance.

Forgive us for getting too emotional in this review: it was unavoidable.

Thank you for coming back, Adele. We were waiting for you.

The music video, with that yellow shade typical of those things that get old but still survive, is available here:


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