Written by Edoardo Righini

Translated by Lucrezia Iussi

ART-ICOLS is, first of all, a word game. It’s a game we’ve all played at some point, sitting on a museum armchair, or looking at the pictures in an Art textbook. That’s what ART-ICOLI is: history of art, but, even more precisely, history into art. They are short and quick texts that tell of an artwork, which is a tale itself. They are intended to be read with one eye, while the other is looking at the picture that gave the spark. You’ll find out, then, that a thousand stories can grow out of the same source. All of them true and all of them made up.


Filippo De Pisis – The Rose In The Bottle (1950)


The last drop. There wasn’t an inch of liquor left in the whole house. He walked to himself through the endless labyrinth of bottles and glasses; nothing left in the crooked bottles on the living room table, nothing left in the four kitchen angular shutters, nothing at all on the dusty shelves, nothing in the orphan glasses, forgotten in the bathroom, in the piece of furniture in the hallway, behind the sofa. Nothing, nothing, nothing left. He felt surrounded by a lonely desert dryness. The thought was driving him crazy. He sank into the couch, which terribly tottered under his weight, forgetting about a bottle, on the study table, still half empty, in which a little sad rose was drowning, now dying.


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