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Those reading my articles and those familiar with the unworthy moral ranking I tend to adopt as unique criteria will know very well my neat position concerning “The Beauty of the Ugly”: if it is arduous to make beautiful things, well, I believe that making ugly things (really really ugly, though) is even an independent form of Art.

The “ugliest Ugly”, that incredible Horror of failing everywhere, is hard to realize: often people achieve a partial “ugly”, like Susan Boyle (who had the requisites on an aesthetic point of with, but when she sings, she manages undoubtedly to create a form of “Beauty”) or, to be more updated and to cause – hopefully – debate, the movie Interstellar (whose script seems to achieve the goal of being ugly but that unfortunately reaches the aesthetic perfection). They are examples of “missed Ugly”, almost offensive towards the “incredible Ugly” that only few people manage to reach (almost always without the full willingness to realize something ugly).

Also this year, while movie-lovers and simple amateurs try to guess the winners of the Oscar Awards (I dare say that this time Wes Anderson and his Mr. Cumberbatch will be victorious. Just to be 100% sure, I allow myself to a second guess: Micheal Keaton), the anti-nominations for the anti-Oscar finally arrived: The Razzie Awards. It is a pity that only few followers were waiting for them!

What are the Razzie Awards?!?

Oh dear Lord… The Razzie Awards (true name, The Golden Raspberry Awards) have been attributed since 1981, and the ceremony as the goal to celebrate the worst actors, script-writers, composers, directors and movies of the year. The best of the worst, we could say. In 2013 Will Smith managed to win in many categories with the obscene, almost mentally offensive, After Heart, but this year the competition is much tougher. 2014 was in fact a gold season for the Cinema, with capital C, but – trust me – was at least equally prolific for the one with little c (extremely little, even written in Comic Sans, just to make things worse).

Officially the nominations will be released on January 14th, the day before the Oscar ones, but in reality we already know them, because the 10th the jury voted them, and the names have been leaked. We want here to congratulate with James Franco and Serg Rogen because they managed to produce (we had no doubt about that) the movie which is first for number of nominations (worst movie, worst couple and worst actor, James Franco). After that, let me list you all the names, excited and happy indeed. May the worst win!!!



Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas


Un milione di modi per morire nel west

Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Hercules – La leggenda ha inizio

Sex Tape

A Haunted House 2

Tartarughe Ninja

Left Behind

The Interview

Transformers 4

I, Frankenstein



Hercules – La leggenda ha inizio

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

A Haunted House 2

I Mercenari 3

Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Annie (anche l’originale del 1981 ha ricevuto una nomination come peggior film)

Exodus: Dei e re

Endless Love (anche l’originale del 1981 ha ricevuto una nomination come peggior film)


Transformers: Age of Extinction

I, Frankenstein

Tartarughe Ninja



Worst Screenplay

Transformers 4

A Haunted House 2


Hercules – La leggenda ha inizio

Sex Tape

Endless Love

Left Behind

I Mercenari 3

Winter’s Tale

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Un milione di modi per morire nel west


Tartarughe Ninja


I, Frankenstein

Worst couple on screen

Tutti i robot e gli attori (o gli attori robot) / Transformers 4

James Franco con chiunque, Seth Rogen o Randall Park (Kim Jong Un) / The Interview

Kellan Lutz con chiunque e i suoi addominali, i suoi pettorali o i suoi glutei / Hercules – La leggenda ha inizio

L’intero cast de I Mercenari 3

L’intero cast di Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Seth MacFarlane e Charlize Theron / Un milione di modi per morire nel west

I mostri di roccia / Noah

Johnny Depp e il suo “Doppio virtuale” / Transcendence

Alex Pettyfer e Gabriella Wilde / Endless Love

Kirk Cameron e il suo Ego / Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel / Sex Tape


Russell Crowe as Noah

Worst Direction

James Manera / Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Jake Kasdan / Sex Tape

Darren Aronofsky / Noah

Seth MacFarlane / Un milione di modi per morire nel west

Jonathan Liebesman / Tartarughe Ninja

Renny Harlin / Hercules – La leggenda ha inizio

Michael Tiddes / A Haunted House 2

Michael Bay / Transformers 4

Wally Pfister / Transcendence

Darren Doane / Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Vic Armstrong / Left Behind

Worst no protagonist Actor

Shaquille O’Neal / Insieme per forza (Blended)

Johnathon Schaech / Hercules – La leggenda ha inizio

Kelsey Grammer / I Mercenari 3 e Transformers 4

Arnold Schwarzenegger / I Mercenari 3

Morgan Freeman / Transcendence

Jack Black / Sex Tape

Liam Neeson / Un milione di modi per morire nel west

Russell Crowe / Winter’s Tale

Mel Gibson / I Mercenari 3

Kiefer Sutherland / Pompeii

T.J. Miller / Transformers 4


Worst Actor

Seth MacFarlane / Un milione di modi per morire nel west

Johnny Depp / Transcendence

Adam Sandler / Blended

Seth Rogen / The Interview

Kellan Lutz / Hercules

Marlon Wayans / A Haunted House 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Sabotage

Aaron Eckhart / I, Frankenstein

Alex Pettyfer / Endless Love

Kirk Cameron /Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

James Franco / The Interview

Nicolas Cage / Left Behind



Worst no protagonist Actress

Sophia Myles / Transformers 4

Jaime Pressly / A Haunted House 2

Susan Sarandon / Tammy

Bridgette Cameron / Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Carrie-Anne Moss / Pompeii

Amanda Seyfried / Un milione di modi per morire nel west

Cameron Diaz / Annie

Megan Fox / Tartarughe Ninja

Jane Fonda / This Is Where I Leave You

Emily Browning / Pompeii

Nicola Peltz (Una nuova “scoperta” di Michael Bay) / Transformers 4

Worst Actress

Charlize Theron / Un milione di modi per morire nel west

Elizabeth Banks / Walk of Shame

Jennifer Aniston / Come ammazzare il capo 2

Cameron Diaz / The Other Woman and Sex Tape

Gabriella Wilde / Endless Love

Nicole Kidman / Before I Go to Sleep

Melissa McCarthy / Tammy

Drew Barrymore / Blended

Gaia Weiss / The Legend of Hercules

Lea Michele (only voice) Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return


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