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Italian article- Virginia Bisconti

English version by Julia Perry



The Internet, never has there been a more providential invention. An enlightening messiah of an entire generation, which has identified its disciples with an amiable and spot-on name: The Digital Natives.


The Internet provides us with millions, well, billions of information, every day. Similar to a virtual zoo, the Internet is full of intriguing news, useful data, and is also the birthplace of the widely used social networks. The tall tales, traps, and con artists don’t let themselves go unnoticed here which is why you must use caution, because as for every other time, when in search of something, or not, it needs to be done right!


It’s possible that only just by chance do certain things arrive to us when we least expect them to, because it is thanks to the Internet that I had the pleasure of discovering an artist. An artist who thinks outside the box, whose career exists thanks to the web from which he, also, makes his main profit. And no, this isn’t about a rookie Mark Zuckerberg, nor is it about a new brainiac from Apple, I’m talking about a freelance graphic designer who had the courage to reveal himself through his artwork on one of the most extensive and combative platforms out there: the Internet.


Budri Satria Kwan, known by the nickname Radiomode, is a designer from Singapore who through his blog, his Society6 account, and his website, pleasantly surprised me with his fairy-tale illustrations, his highly stylized artistic animals, his minimalist design, but above all, who surprised me by his passion clearly shining through all his work. Of him we know nearly nothing, but to any future question, there is surely an answer to be found within his artwork.

Kwan takes the ordinary and twists it into extraordinary, breaking paradigms and delighting. From soft pencils intertwining to form an infinite whirl, urging us to keep the creativity alive; to the humorous artwork of a neon “Great Artist Steal” sign, moving on through sublime landscapes that can be presumed by the splashes of color and silhouettes of fish. The message communicated by Radiomode is both visionary and delicate.


This message seems to be suggesting to believe in ourselves, to take what we don’t like in the world and to change it, to mold it in a way in which we can come to love even the things we hate. With soft lines and the force of gravity drizzling color, it whispers that if things don’t go according to plan, it’s not always a bad thing and that we have to accept reality in order to find the courage to break from the conventional mold. Recurring in his works seems to be this desire of looking beyond appearances, this drive to explore within oneself as opposed to superficially. And as an example, in the portrait of the lion, a symbol of strength and aggressiveness, we see a flock of birds, with no apparent logical connection, which branch away starting from the mane.


But as always, when it comes to art more than ever, every glimpse gives room to different meanings, none of which the same, and maybe, to understand better what lies behind these pictures, it’s not necessary to have it narrated, but essential to touch it with your own hand, and see with your own eyes.


Have a look:

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