Translated by – CHIARA SCARFò

Marvel, the most profitable franchise of the world, has always got us used to, cinematographically speaking, the perfect prêt-à-porter experience that lets you make out in the back of the movie theatre since, in worst (or “best”, depends on your point of view) case scenario, even if you miss half an hour of the movie, at the end of it, the whole thing was irrelevant trash that you would have forgotten during the two days after the showing anyway.

Well, so, Doctor Strange is, under some points of view, the umpteenth superhero DisneyMarvel flick: mediocre acting performances (that, even if they hired Jack Nicholson to act in it, you would already know that he would be reduced into a Fassino’s cosplay) and overall inconsiderable, flat screenplay but also fluid and easily digestible, some jokes here and there so that Mickey Mouse is happy… So, it the same old thing…

Well no, not completely.

Do you remember Inception, right? The one where the buildings were spinning, the walls were spinning, the actors are spinning while beating up in midair animating some kind of fractal? There you go, take all this mess and add a big amount of ketamine, LSD and Cannonau from the Sardinian inland, leave it to dry under the sun, grind it all up with a credit card, group it together in a 15-cm-long line and sniff it up with your nose.

There it is, the mine that will break your head in four is called “Doctor Strange”.

Visual madness.

Between Pink Elephants, Curious Oysters and Caterpillars, fairy dust and references more or less explicit to an artificial paradise the pushers from Disney, has to be said, have, since the beginning, got us used to “Wonderland” … But now, with the help of the best possible virtual realities, the bar has been raised for sure.




Doctor Strange is a kaleidoscope of fractal relativity along which Benedict Sherlock Cumberbatch (yes, the same actor who, while being interviewed a few years ago, said “I won’t ever act in a movie based on a comic”… yeah, right, now call the new boat Daisy Duck), surgery luminaire obsessed by the rationality of facts and notions, will learn that, with the right input from an Indian holy man, (or woman, a really bald Tien Shinhan in a dress played by Tilda Swinton), everything is relative and malleable at will, including space and time… Yes, right, it seems the story from the Beatles… LLLLLucy in the SSSSSky with DDDDDiamonds (make of it what you will).

Sometimes the movie holds up because the screenplay is not too bad and the directing is okay, so the implantation to carry the weight of a visual WOOOOOOOOOW without being undermined is there and, overall, turns out to be a great way to spend one hour and a half at the movies.


Of course, if they tried to do something more and, once and for all, to create a Good Movie and not just a good meatloaf that satiates you but that, after all, is just a meatloaf… Well, this probably isn’t Disney’s purpose, since they sell, sell, sell greatly, and overproduce knowing that they will sell greatly.

And keep doing it.

And now the trailer of the new StarWars is out.

And I’ve seen it while still being angry for the endless “The Awakening of the Force”, so much so that I got excited and full of energies again.

And so, in December, I will go back to the movies dressed as Lando Calrissian, I will poison my Christmas with another meatloaf, and I will write another review saying that Disney is fine with continuing to sell meatloaves worth millions of dollars.


At least this time has been a great trip.

Go to watch Doctor Strange, it’s less expensive than drugs and it’s also less harmful (maybe…).

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