Translated by — LEANDRO BONAN



Mark your calendars: the next 5th of November will be the day in which “The Legendary Miss Britney Spears” will be added to the list of the Saints. On that day, in fact, the first Britney Day in history will be celebrated as a way for the city of Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood to praise the American singer.

As already many people already know, Mrs. Spears established her domicile in Sin City last December on the 27th, marking the last milestone on her long list of achievements. She is, in fact, the first singer to whom Vegas residency was offered before her fortieth birthday, while still having a very active career, and not having ended her career after a series of numerous successful albums (contrary to what happened to Cher, Céline Dion and Shania Twain).

The contract was clear: 30 million dollars to perform exclusively at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas until the end of 2015. Due to the enthusiasm from her fans, the deal was extended until the end of 2017, adding a further remuneration of 12 million dollars.

But that’s not all: it seems as though, in fact, that Britney will be earning $31,000 per show, to which a thank-you bonus of $165,000 granted to her by the Planet Hollywood will be added because of the incredible increase in profits.

Someone calculated that her presence had an overall effect, adding up both direct and indirect earnings, of almost 100 million dollars. Such a contribution is so significant that even economists in Wall Street have started talking about a so-called “Spears Effect”.

Britney, in fact, has been a main attraction bringing in most of the guests that fill the 2520 rooms in the casino, and her shows regularly sell out, although tickets cost about $300.

Las Vegas has apparently found its golden goose and it’s ready to elect her as Queen of the City, even though her last album, Britney Jean (2013) was a huge failure (the first flop in 15 years). Britney, of course, has no intention in giving up (despite some rumors) and she is determined to prove once more to not have lost her Midas’s touch.

In this case, it’s appropriate to say: “Oops, she did it again.”


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