Text by Daniele Capuzzi

Translation by Elisa Borella

The Theatre La Scala chose to celebrate the 225th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death in a truly original way, with a new ballet production: “The lovers’ Garden”.

Music was selected from the wide enfant prodige’s chamber music repertoire, alternating lively, playful, and jolly melodies to intense ones, full of passion and gravity, as the wonderful pas de deux performed by the clarinet. The ballet concept brings our minds back to the very same choice made for “Cello Suites”, in which a selection of dances was picked from the Bach’s violoncello suites in order to create an original work of its own.

Foto 1

The performance – precise, sharp and clear – is entrusted to the La Scala Quartet and solo artists from La Scala Orchestra:

Leading first-violin: Manara Francesco

Second violin: Pascoletti Daniele

Viola: Braconi Simonide

Violoncello: Polidori Massimo

Flute: Manco Andrea

Oboe: Thouand Fabien

Clarinet: Meloni Fabrizio

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The choreography by Massimiliano Volpini depicts very carefully the characters’ personality in Mozart’s universe: they pace back and forth into the dreamlike atmosphere of a hedge maze at the bottom of an eighteenth-century villa’s garden, where people attending a party get lost. Roberto Bolle’s solo pieces are stunning, created particularly for the étoile, as wonderful as the pas de deux together with the skillful Nicoletta Manni. Also the rest of the corps de ballet does not disappoint the audience, resulting into a high quality performance.

The Woman: Nicoletta Manni

The Man: Roberto Bolle

The Queen of the Night: Marta Romagna

Don Giovanni: Claudio Coviello

Leporello: Christian Fagetti

Figaro: Walter Madau

Susanna: Antonella Albano

Count Almaviva: Mick Zeni

Rosina: Emanuela Montanari

Guglielmo: Valerio Lunadei

Ferrando: Angelo Greco

Fiordiligi: Vittoria Valerio

Dorabella: Marta Gerani


The extraordinary background was painted by the set designer Erika Carretta. The specific technique used to realize it makes the paint shimmer in accordance to the mellow lights by Marco Filibeck changing from dusk to dawn. Its hedges move together with the lovers in the maze and their movement allow Don Giovanni, Count Almaviva, The Queen of the Night and other characters to magically appear from the bushes.

For this special and unique occasion, Rai5 aired the ballet live on the 9th April at 7.40 pm, presented by Serena Scorzoni. This rare and precious gem is actually nothing more than the golden little tile of a bigger mosaic, of a whole day of TV programmes related to dance, known as “La giornata della danza”.


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