If you think that visiting a museum has become dull and annoying, because you feel forced to endlessly stare every single painting so to give a reason to the fact that by entering the place you are spending time and money, the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan is now offering you an actually valid alternative.


Van Gogh Alive, which was created in cooperation with the City of Milan and was inaugurated as a preview on the 6th of December, is an interactive exhibition that has been thought to stimulate the curiosity of people who love art and want to learn about it in a different and more “sensorial” way: the creators used a multimedia platform called SENSORY4, which incorporates forty HD projectors, a multichannel graphic and a surround sound system just like the cinemas’ one so that the visitors find themselves immerged in a 360° exposed environment and they undergo a unique  visual and sonorous experience.


The show is centered on changes, which happened during a decade of Vincent Van Gogh’s artistic career, that are connected to style, technique and mental conditions of the Dutch artist; many of the artist’s pieces, which are projected on panels, that totally involve the spaces, correspond to these changes, here also called “movements”.

The peculiarity of “Van Gogh Alive” is the fact that it is not necessary to think the movements as sequential element, instead you can be delighted from each one of them separately, simply enjoying the beauty of the images depicted on the panels and on the floor screens.


All you have to do then is sit on one of the numerous benches available and look at the succeeding marvelous paintings that Van Gogh gave us, enjoying a lovely sense of escape from reality.

 Music has a double function; it helps the spectator to evade completely from what surrounds him, helping him totally live this multisensory experience, and it also identifies the mood and the emotions that the artist felt in the moments he created this specific series of paintings. Each one corresponds to a musical composition that has the goal of transmitting a particular felling, totally wrapping the spectator’s perceptive orbit.


The operas of the most glorious composers of the 1800s like the Duetto dei fiori taken from the Lakmé di Léo Delibes or la Danse macabre op. 40 by Camille Saint-Saëns, accompany the “movements” that compose the show. Both the images on the panels and the ones on the floor flow simultaneously, so to result partly disorienting, even though it is this specific effect that they wanted to create. In this way the spectator’s perception is fully focused on what he looks and hears in that precise moment, in that precise place.

“Van Gogh Alive” is particular not only because you can finally have a complete interactive view of the operas of this great artist, but also because, maybe for the first time, you can observe both the whole paintings and their details. In some cases, the same image is divided into more panels in succession, providing an extended and more complete view.

The show is supported by the Van Gogh Lab, which is a cultural program for schools and art academies and institutes. It is dedicated to the study of the artist’s figure, to the use of color during the steps of the design and to the relationship between music and visual arts.

You can go to the Fabrica del Vapore until March 9th 2014 to enjoy an unheard unique multimedia experience that, just like an involving movie, will strike your senses and consequently your feelings.


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