Translation by – JULIA PERRY


Born in 1996 with just enough arrogance and talent in her lines to get to the top, the New Zealander, Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, topped the world charts with her single, Royals. In little time she was crowned the queen of alternative music, generating haters in any existing fandom: she denied to be the opening act for the American singer, Katy Perry’s concerts because they were ‘too commercial’, she specifically asked her manager to decline working with David Guetta, labeled “unhealthy” music by Lana Del Rey and didn’t exactly speak so highly of her colleagues Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Britney Spears, yet the world still worships her to the point of giving her the number 1 position on the Billboard charts. At only 17 years old.


The young age invariably refers to another young artist, Birdy, but their young age is the only thing that ties these two artists because, currently, Lorde is unique in her kind, the alternatives. At times minimal and just so damn hipster.

Lorde writes her pieces herself as well as her debuting EP, The Love Club, a blend of sounds expertly mixed together.

Bravado” is one of those songs that purposefully introduces a bland appeal made ​​by male and female vocals and gives way to the synth and minimal palpable allure of Royals, where time is measured by an irresistible snapping of the fingers.

Lorde also lands a rap in her Million Dollar Bills soundtrack in which she tries to be a tad like M.I.A. and Santigold, whereas in her title-track, The Love Club, she seems to have popped out of a Lily Allen CD with a UK made beat and disarming shades of pop that give the EP one of the most catchy songs written by the New Zealander, Ella.

The minimal atmospheres round up her work (this time super exasperated) of Biting Down: hypnotic, almost tiring, the phrase “It feels better biting down” to be repeat like a mantra, in an obsessive and compulsive manner like the basses that fill up the track consuming it in a dark and gloomy tunnel.

The Love Club is an ambitious EP which runs by the standards of today’s music scene, but that still seeks a connection to something different, to what is shaping up to become the beginning of a new genre, alternative-pop, which, after Lana Del Rey and Lorde, is becoming increasingly popular in today’s music world.

In short, the huge success of the single Royals and the refinement of her debuting EP look promising on what will be the fate of this newbie from New Zealand. Of course, the risk, after the excellent results obtained, is that the great machine built around this young artist and all the media hype may belittle her extraordinary talent in order to produce a disc that aims more for quantity instead of quality, but the journey has just begun and the hope, never dies.




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