Raise your hand if you hate studying in absolute silence or, on the contrary, in very loud places. Different people require various ways in order to concentrate while studying or working. However, typing into Google “music to study” appears to be the third most searched for phrase starting with “music to”.
The solution you are looking for is largely like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, it was like a needle until the creation of Noisli.com, a background noise and color generator designed to help you work and relax. Is it worth it? Definitely.

The project creator. The mind who thought up Noisli is Stefano Merlo, product and communication designer who graduated in Design at the Free University of Bozen in 2008. This award winner’s works have been recognized since 2007 with Blade of Grass, thanks to which he won his first Prize in the “2nd Outdoor Furniture Contest” by Gandia Blasco, in Spain.
To learn more about Stefano’s uncountable projects, go to his on-line cauldron of ideas: www.stefanomerlo.com.

About Noisli
. On the website (www.noisli.com), that has a simple and linear design, there are various background noises to choose from: rain, crackling of fireplace, wind that shakes the treetops, the buzz in a coffee shop and others. Additionally, there are particular noises, typical of each proposed environment to let you personalize every tailor-made atmosphere. For instance, while listening absent-mindedly to the rain, you can set up the noise of thunder appears every now and then.
Picking sounds is not the only option Noisli offers: the website’s colors fade into one another, so that you can be stimulated in numerous ways. According to color psychology, chromo therapy and many of its pioneers, such as Vasilij Kandinskij, colors significantly influence human behavior and mood. Lastly, a distraction-free Text Editor allows you to write down and locally save your thoughts.


Is it worth it? Absolutely. Noisli is having a lot of success: with more than 15,000 Likes on Facebook, the website has become a global buzz! The interesting factor is that Noisli has many purposes.
Health: people affected by Tinnitus hear a whistle or a buzz in their ears or head, which isn’t actually real. This can sometimes be a permanent condition and prevents those people from concentrating. Noisli helps thanks to its different noises that drown out the annoying buzz.
Increase in cognitive activities: there have been many researches on the influence that music and noises can have on creativity, thoughts and cognitive activities. The Mozart effect theory, developed in 1993 by physicists Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher, was published in the magazine Nature, and supported the hypothesis that after 15 minutes of listening at a sonata by Mozart there is a temporary enhancement of the Stanford-Binet IQ test. Subsequent academics could not reproduce the results of the experiments, meaning there more currents of thought were present concerning the effect of music on concentration.

Noisli is all about background noises and not music. There is a vast difference, as researches at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, United Kingdom have showed. 25 participants in their 20ies were asked to learn some sequences of letters under various conditions: while listening music they loved, music they hated, in absolute silence, and while hearing a voice repeating the same word. It resulted that the most successful scenarios were the ones with silence and the repetitive voice.
This last status is very similar to Noisli, which is more pleasant because a natural noise is far less annoying than a recurring word!
What’s next: the app for your mobile is a work in progress. Don’t hesitate and visit Noisli.com!




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