We could write heavy marketing and management manuals on what Disney did with Star Wars brand, after having acquired Lucas Film in 2012.

It is also adamant clear that Walt Disney Company is a gigantic entertainment’s firm with monopolistic tendencies, a perfectly oiled machine.

If you can dream it, you can do it” is, indeed, the well known slogan of the Burbank (California) company.

Getting Lucas company? You can do it!

Announcing the new Star Wars movie’s release, despite the loss of the saga’s main character Anakin Darth Vader Skywalker, hopelessly dead and gone (or better said, become a light blue Casper, having fun together with other light blue ghosts Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi)? You can do it!

Entrusting the new epic chapter’s direction work to the director whose name is IRREPARABLY linked to the highly despised (by Star Wars fandom) Star Trek? But still, organising such a global media campaign, that ‘J.J. Abrams’ has now become synonym to Star Wars, with everyone’s approval? YOU CAN DO IT!


Star Wars is more than just a movie, more than just a ‘cult’. It is more than just a blockbuster series, winner of eight Academy Awards and earner of four billion dollars as box office’s total profit. It is a Belief, a cultural trend that, from the screen, has shaped customs, ideas, and traditions between generations – enthusiastic ones or not.

“Star Wars: the Force Awakens” will be released on the US screens on December 18th, and here in Italy today (December 16th 2015).

We saw it yesterday evening at the press’ preview – as we know that God clearly exists, as the Force.

it is very hard to express a judgement without supporting it with any evidence, but, as stated in the title, this article is intended to be completely spoiler-free to meet the needs of those willing to see the movie in a state of virginal ignorance. (We promise that we will shortly publish a second article with a critical and punctual review)


The force awakens is a movie that does not satisfy the expectations, a “flat” movie and, especially for the series fanatics, it seems as already seen. The reason is simple: it is nothing more than a remake under cover of A new Hope, first chapter of the story in terms of screen diffusion, fourth if we consider the narrative chronology.

Well, yes, JJ took ideas and pieces in random order from the first trilogy of Star Wars (especially from chapter IV) to compose what required by his new landlord, Mum Disney. He somewhat succeeded in realizing a good adventure movie which could have appeal even on a public unaware of the precedent episodes.

Certainly it is not, however, what fans expected to watch, and everything will be clearer for you, when, sitting in the dark of the movie room, you will yawn for the first time after less than an hour.

I wouldn’t be surprised if The Force Awakens could seem banal even to a superficial appasionate of Lucas’ trilogies: nothing more was done at narrative level. NOTHING.

I have to admit, however, that graphically the movie is astounding.

Moreover, the first half of the movie could also pass our examination.

We ought not to forget, however, that tackling ‘Star Wars’, dear Mickey Mouse, means more than just shoot another version of the same old story, it is a challenge a thousand times harder: it is facing a real belief that excedeed even the ‘cult’ movie’s nuts and bolts. It is, indeed, a steep and demanding path to follow, it is difficult to make it through it uninjured – and that is exactly what happened to Abrams & Co.


It is the perfect 2015 Disney movie: politically correct to a sickening level, filled (saturated, I dare say) with more or less sharp lines and humor – please, let’s just leave this trash to Marvel filmmaking universe, where damages have already been caused to a point that it will be really hard to recover from! – and suitable to stuff thousands Disney stores’ million shelves with billion gadgets.

‘The Force Awakens’ is just a highly effective marketing and communication campaign, and I am pretty sure that this is exactly how the puzzled fans will always see it: a gigantic and stunning golden shell in which it will be really hard to find pieces of a true core, ending up into a venture as desperate as pointless.



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